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Manifest your dreams in harmony

Freedom of mind


Spiritual growth




Discovering the world of energy transformed my world!

Who knew manifesting could be so easy!

Not me!

I remember when I first heard of the concept of the law of attraction! I was so thrilled by the idea that what I wanted to create was all in my hands.

Except, I was missing an essential piece for operating the law of attraction in my favor: Energy!

For years, I tried!

For years, I was frustrated.

By then, I had my wonderful 2 boys, had quit my job, and was caring for them full time.

What that meant was that I was fully financially dependant on my husband.

The thought haunted me, kept me from being fully present with my boys? What if something happened between my husband and I? What would I do? I was terrified by that thought.

This, coupled with the fact that I had heard about the law of attraction inspired me to start a web design business. Then Crickets! Nothing! Nada!

Then, I encountered the world of energy!

FINALLY! It all made sense!

I started manifesting so effortlessly!

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Finally! I had clients reaching out, ready to pay for service, then, before I knew it, I was serving multi-national coorporations from my living room!

I was blown away by how powerful and effective manifesting became, with the power of tapping into my bio-energy.

It was insane!

I then for the past few years, I have made it my mission to not only explore deeper layers of manifesting with energy, but also to share with others.

Thousands of peple have tapped into their bio-energy to manifest money, cients, heal their wounds from the past, heal their family wounds....

As for me? As I increase my energetic capacity, it has become easier and easier to manifest! My latest manifestation being over $50k cash in one month.

What it took was simply amplifying my magnetic bio-energy and focusing it on exactly what I want!

My life turned around big time then, and I became so passionate about sharing this awareness with others!

Introducing Energy Immersion Circle

I created Energy Immersion Circle for the woman who is ready to joyfully manifest her dreams, and intentionally create, in harmony with her higher self, and her loved ones.

When you sign up for Energy immersion circle, you get instant access to this Prework video:

Energetic purification for unleashing your power of intentional creation

You also get access to these training videos:

True Self You!

Claiming your power back

Effortless manifestation

Energetically creating habits for receiving

Harness focused energy for your manifestation

Breaking free from Generational cycles

Energy principles for manifesting your dreams

Manifesting money fast - Money like magic

Energy training basics

Amplify your magnetic energy / Develop your focus power .

Manifesting mornings.

10 min - Bed time energy ritual for manifesting your dreams

In addition...

You get 6 months of weekly live support from me in our Saturday classes. In these classes, you get to practice opening up and amplifying your energy for greater manifestation of joy, love, acceptance, and abundance of life.

I read your energy in a a group setting, and guide you in releasing any stagnance that you may be carrying at the moment

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What you get:


Saturday Weekly Healing Classes

You get to not only amplify your magnetic energy, you learn the process of self-healing! Whether on emotional level, physical level or manifestation level


Monthly Manifestation with Energy Calls

These calls are to keep you on track and keep you focused on powerfully creating your heart's desires


Weekly Short Energy videos

Short on time? No problem! I have just the solution for you! Each week, I release short videos, about 10 minutes long for you to amplify your mangnetic energy for manifestation


Access to our dedicated Facebook group

The support in there is just insane! :)


Luminous Card

This card emits the smallest building blocks of everything. With this card, you can amplify the power of your mind, and create anything

Leveraging your Intuition

Course for awakening and tuning into your psychic powers ( sells at $555 )

Manifest Money like Magic

Simple money principles to make it sooooo easy for you to receive money in your life! ( $333 )

Special gift

All current member get a huge discount on my highy sought after live Sedona Retreat.

Get started today

To get instant access to:

Prework Purification video

All past healing class videos

Access to our dedicated Facebook group

What others say about Dihessa's work

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What time are your weekly energy classes

Energy classes are on Saturdays at 9 am Colorado time / 11am Eastern / 3pm London

Are the classes recorded if I can't make it live?

Yes, all classes are recorded and posted in our Facebook group within just a few hours of the live session .

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, please see below for your different options



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